Adult Christmas party games

Adult Christmas party games are designed to liven up your Christmas party. Even dough Christmas is a family holiday, you can still throw an awesome party, either while your kids are playing, or just for your friends, if you don't have children yet.

So let's look at some Christmas party games for adults...

  1. Guess the Christmas carol
  2. Secret Santa
  3. Christmas words eggnog game
  4. Ice sculpture contest
  5. Gift gamble


Guess the Christmas carol

This is a simple Christmas game with two possible ways of playing it. Both ways include guessing what Christmas carol is being presented. The difference is that, either someone always sings the carol, or a carol is played on a radio. Doesn't matter how you play, the person that is the first to guess correctly wins.

You can go through a bunch of carols(or till everyone gets a turn, if you're singing) and score points for first correct guesses.

Secret Santa

Playing secret Santa is really fun. Meet up with all your party guests a few days in advance and prepare a bowl with small pieces of paper with everyone's names on them. Each guest draws one piece of paper and with it, one person for whom he has to buy a gift. Nobody can know who drew anybody else or them. At the party you can either exchange gifts outright, or everyone can put gifts with name tags under the Christmas tree.

A good idea is to also set a price limit for the gifts, so that some are not too lavish and some too humble.

Christmas words eggnog game

This is a fun adult Christmas party game that involves drinking! Each participant picks a Christmas related word, or all participants agree on one word, it doesn't really matter. Then you can either roll a Christmas movie, read a Christmas story or listen to a Christmas song. Everytime someones word is said in the movie/story/song, that person must take a drink of eggnog. If everybody has the same word, then everyone drinks when the word is mentioned.

Ice sculpture contest

Doing an ice sculpture contest can be a bit tricky, so try to keep it simple. That way it will remain fun for everyone:) Prepare a few chisels and hammers, and a few not-to-big blocks of ice. Now set your clocks for 10 min and see who can make the best ice sculpture.

Gift gamble

A little Christmas spirited gambling makes for a great adult Christmas party game. Tell all your guests to bring a small wrapped gift(set a price limit in advance) and tag the gifts with numbers as your guests arrive.

Now you have a few options...

Lottery type draw
You can let each guest draw a number. That guest then gets the gift with the corresponding number.

Spin the wheel
In case you have a spinning wheel at home(or are prepared to make one), you can play spin the wheel(like on TV) to distribute the presents.

Dice throw
Are dice more your game? Then let each guest throw a sufficient number of dice and decide who gets each present that way.

If you can think of some other fun way to distribute the presents, use it! Whatever method you use, remember to make an event out of it and everyone will have a good time:)

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