Adult Valentine party games

Adult Valentine party games are specially designed for singles parties where the guests don't know each other.

With these games you can get everyone talking, drinking, mingling and maybe even hooking up.

So let's go make some love happen...

  1. One lie, one truth
  2. Broken hearts
  3. Love song drinking game
  4. Secret Valentine


One lie, one truth

This is a perfect party game for Valentine, because it gets people interacting and also it's great for meeting new people. You can play it for the first half hour or so of your party, so that everyone gets acquainted.

Guests walk around and interact in pairs. Each person in the pair has to tell one truth and one lie about himself/herself. The other guest must guess which is the lie and which is the truth. At the end of the set time period, the person with the most correct guesses is declared the winner and gets the honor of opening the champaign(or something similar).

Broken hearts

This is a Valentine scavenger hunt. Since it's Valentine, divide everyone in pairs. Each pair gets a color, and they have to find all the hearts of that color.

Obviously, you have to hide hearts of different colors around the house before the party starts. Also try to hide at least one heart for each pair in a place with some privacy(in case the pair hits it off:)).

Love song drinking game

When putting together a list of adult Valentine party games, you can not do without at least one drinking game. This one is like all other drinking games of this type. Set a Valentine themed word and play a love song(or a whole playlist of love songs). Whenever the selected word is said in the song, everyone has to drink.

Secret Valentine

This is a nice optional game for all guests, at a singles Valentine party, that they can play during the entire night. What you do is... write the names of all guest on pieces of paper and lay them out on a table. During the party, if someone hits it off with someone(or just likes him/her), they can take their name of the table(now they are their Valentine:)). For the rest of the party the person that took the paper must do nice things for his/her Valentine, and the Valentine must try to figure out who took his/her paper off the table.

You can also spice things up by putting more that one paper with the same name on the table.

If you want to make it more classy, you can buy or make some broken heart models. Each guest then gets one and the other is left on the table for the taking.

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