Apple bobbing

Apple bobbing is probably the best known Halloween party game. It's simple, fun and really wet:)

All you need to play is a big enough bucket, bowl or some other large enough water container, and some apples.

How to play it

It's pretty simple. You put the apples inside the water container and your guests can try their hand at fishing them out... with their teeth:) No hands or any other tools are allowed, only your mouth/teeth.

Try it out and see who can fish out the most apples.

Fun twists

The "adult" version

It could be a fun idea to combine a wet T-shirt contest with Apple bobbing. Get some willing girls, give them white T-shirts(no bra) and tell them to dive deep:)

Candy version for kids

Kids generally don't like fruit that much, so you might want to try candy instead... after all, it is the trick or TREAT season:) Find some floating candy and let them have a go at it. They can keep whatever they fish out.


Why water? Mix up a nice fruity cocktail mix or sangria and put the apples in that:) Tell your guests to try and fish out the apples... and also tell them that drinking while bobbing is perfectly acceptable:)

Mass bobbing

Get a huge water container and let everyone go at once! See who manages to fish out the most apples:)

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