Charades are one of the most popular party games. They can work great at pretty much any party and are guaranteed to bring up the mood.

So what are charades?

They are a pretty simple game. The basic premise is that one person acts something out with gestures(and no talking) and the rest have to guess what he is trying to enact. The guessers can verbally communicate with the actor, but he can only reply with gestures(like nodding or shaking his head, showing a number with his fingers etc.)

Usually it's play in teams. Teams take turns, and each turn one player from each team acts something out and the rest of the team guesses.

Teams tries are usually time limited to about 1 minute. If the team fails to guess in that time-frame, they don't get a point. If the team guesses correctly then they get a point. The team with the most points at the end wins the game.

How to choose what to act out?

Usually there are two ways:

  • One player from the opposite team chooses what to act out. This can be tricky, since it's in the opposite teams interest to pick something tough. You can level it out by setting a few rules on what is allowed and what isn't.
  • You can prepare little notes with different stuff written on them and put them in a basket. The actor from each team then draws a note and has to act out what is written on it.

Fun ideas

  • Choose a theme. Choose a theme for your charades. Something like celebrities, movies, animals etc.. This way it's a little easier to guess and it can be even more fun. If your playing at your Christmas party you can do Christmas themed charades, or for Halloween, Halloween themed charades.
  • Add challenges. Instead of counting points, let the team that fails to guess do a challenge. Obviously, the other team is the one setting it.
  • Make it a drinking game. Instead of counting points, the entire team that fails to guess correctly, has to take a shot.
  • Add the contra guess. When a team runs out of time, the other team gets 1 guess. If they guess correctly, they get 2 points.

How to own at charades

There are a few general tips on how to get better at charades:

  • At the beginning always show with your fingers how many words there are.
  • When acting something out, always show which part of the word or which word you are acting out.
  • Communicate with your team. When someone is close to guessing correctly let him know, or when someone guessed one of the words correctly make that clear to him.
  • For god sakes, don't just stand still! This is a dynamic game, have fun with it, don't just give up!:)

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