Christmas party games

Have a merry Christmas with fun Christmas party games! And also a happy New Year after that.

If you're throwing a Christmas party you'll need four things... a Christmas tree, eggnog, presents and party games. For the first you have the forest, for the second you have the liquor store(or your grandma), for the third you have the mall, and for the fourth you have this awesome webpage!

You'll be able to find some really fun Christmas party games, that will make this Christmas extra merry, right here!

Check out these Christmas party games:

  • Bad Santa It's a fun party game that goes on throughout the evening and involves pranks.
  • Bingo A fun party game. It's usually considered as gambling, since it's a game of chance and usually played for a monetary or practical prize.
  • Caroling What would Christmas be without caroling? Pretty quite probably. Maybe you could give it a try this year?
  • Charades A very popular party game where you act out something and others have to guess what it is.
  • Christmas railroad For some reason model railroads and Christmas are in close connection. Why don't you build one this year?
  • Christmas Santa says This is a spin off of a classic party game Simon says (you can read how to play it here ).
  • Christmas scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts are some of the most popular real life adventure games perfect for any party and all ages. They have been around since forever...
  • Christmas trivia How much do you know about Christmas? Try your knowlage of Christmas in our Christmas trivia!
  • Christmas wish list Since it is the time of joy, giving and all around kindness, it could also be a good time to remember how to make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Christmas words game Drinking eggnog is a standard part of Christmas, but why not turn it into a fun game?
  • Four sided Christmas tree Every year you have to decorate your Christmas tree, why not get creative with it and turn it into a little game?
  • Gift gamble Distributing and opening presents is fun, but, if you make it into a little gambling game it can be even more fun!
  • Guess the Christmas carol Christmas carols are a standard part of this holiday. You can test your knowledge of Christmas carols with this fun game.
  • Guess the number of ornaments Ever seen any of those promotions where you have to guess the number of jellybean in a jar or something similar? Well, you can do something similar for your Christmas party.
  • Human Christmas tree Simple, fun and guaranteed to make your party guests laugh. Decorate your friend as a Christmas tree.
  • Ice sculpture contest Getting some ice shouldn't be a problem this time of year. That's why making ice sculptures has never been easier.
  • Make a Christmas gift Buying gifts for everyone can get expensive. That's why it might be a good idea to find a way around it that is still fun for everyone.
  • Pictionary This is a fun party game for any occasion. It's similar to charades, except you don't act out stuff, you draw them on paper.
  • Pin the red nose on Rudolf A game similar to "Pin the tail on the donkey", but dressed up in Christmas colors.
  • Secret Santa This is a popular game that allows you to get into the season of giving and also to stay on a budget.
  • Snowball fight Organize it or just start throwing snowballs. Either way a snowball fight is a lot of fun(unless you get hit in the face...)
  • Snowman building contest Building snowman is great entertainment, but beating your friends in a snowman building contest is just priceless.
  • Stocking memory test Fill up your stocking and play a fun, Christmas colored, memory game. It's easy and good for your brain!
  • Sweet tree decor Don't Christmas tree decoration look just yummy sometimes? Did you know you can get sweet edible tree decoration? Or you can make it your self.
  • The naughty, the nice and the Santa "The naughty, the nice and the Santa" is a Christmas version of a really fun children's game.
  • Where's Rudolf? Ever heard of "Where's Waldo?"? Well... this is the real life Christmas version of that game.
  • Who's been nice this year? A Christmas spirited party game that will guarantee that all your party guests will be on the nice side of Santa's list this year:)


About Christmas parties

Christmas has a long and interesting tradition and that is reflected on Christmas parties as well. There are all sorts of customs associated with throwing a Christmas party. For starters you need a Christmas tree (there are a lot of games you can play with a Christmas tree, Four Sided Christmas Tree for example). Then you need to get presents for everyone (you can use a little Christmas party game like Secret Santa or Gift Gamble to make gift giving  even more fun and also cheaper). Finally you'll need some appropriate music (Maybe turn it into a game like Guess the Christmas carol ?) and appropriate food and drinks. Eggnog is a must and Christmas ham is also a solid choice. Look around the web, you'll find tons of recipes.

Since Christmas parties are usually family affairs, you'll need food, drinks and activities for both children and adults. Christmas party games are a great way to occupy children while adults do their stuff.

If you're celebrating with friends, you can go a little different way. Make sure you have enough eggnog and fun games and you'll be fine.

Have a merry Christmas, a happy new year and a fun Christmas party!

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