Bomb it mission

Remember the old Bomberman game? Bomb it mission is the modern version of that game. I remember how 3 of us used to sit behind the keyboard and play the Bomberman game. Too bad you couldn't play the Bomberman game online back then... we could save ourselves a lot of shoving :) Well thankfully Bomb it mission is here to remind us of the old Bomberman game and how thankful we should be for the internet, so we can play without others invading our personal space. Just like the original game you play a weird looking, aline like, character that goes around planting bombs in an effort to blow up the other players. But that's not all! You also get all sorts of boosts that make the game even more fun to play. Basically Bomb it mission is the Bomberman game online and we love it! Also it's completely free, so enjoy playing!

Can't see the game?
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