The cutest puzzle game: Longcat Journey

This puzzle game is probably one of the strangest we have here. Longcat Journey is a puzzle game featuring a cute elongated cat that is for some reason trying to escape up a ladder.
Your main job in Longcat Journey is to move the cute kitty around with arrow keys, pick up fish and make the cat long enough to reach the ladder and escape. Yes... for some reason the cat gets longer when it eats more fish (would make more sense, if it got fatter, right?).
Despite the fact that Longcat Journey seems like a really pointless game that only plays on the cute kitty note, it's really not. The more you advance in levels the more complex the way out gets and more of a challenge the game becomes. Longcat Journey defiantly is a game worth playing, if you're into puzzle games... and it's free, so give Longcat Journey a try!

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