Silly ways to die 3

This game, Silly ways to die 3, is really something different. The game itself is nothing special, just another puzzle game, but the concept where you try to avoid silly ways of dying is just too funny not to include in our selection of free browser games.
Silly ways to die 3 will take you (or rather some weird creatures) on a journey across a construction yard full of dangers where you'll be presented a series of really easy puzzles. Solve the puzzles and you'll avoid dying in a silly way... oh and the puzzles are timed, so you'll have to be quick, which adds a fun anxious element to the game.
One little heads up dough. The game sometimes freezes, but the puzzles are randomly given out so you can get through all of them by refreshing the page. Kind of a bummer, but the game itself is meant more as a funny little novelty you send your friends rather than a serious puzzle game anyway.
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