Halloween drinking games

Every party needs drinking games and Halloween parties are no exception. These games are a way to make drinking fun and social, plus they get your guests buzzed faster.

These are simple Halloween drinking games that don't take much preparation, but are still a fun addition to your party:

Monster movie drinking game

It's usually a bad idea to have your TV on during a party, but there are exceptions... You can roll a horror movie during your Halloween party, if you use it to play a drinking game. All you have to do is set a Halloween themed word and every time that word is said in the movie, everyone has to have a drink. It's as simple as that.

What monsters passed me

This is more of an outdoor game. Basically you set a monster and then every time someone dressed as that monster passes by, everyone drinks. Guests will eventually start announcing whenever this will occur and everyone will have fun spotting by-passers costumes.

Haul for a drink

It doesn't get any simpler than this. Prepare a sound of a werewolf hauling(on your computer or stereo) and tell your guests that every time they hear it, they have to drink! Now just play this sound on random times during the party and watch everyone get wasted:)

You can also prepare a special table with shots where people come for their drink when you roll the sound.

The Halloween word game

Set a Halloween themed word of the evening. Every time someone hears that word, he has to drink. It's a really simple game, but it can be fun to play.

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