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What are party games?

Hi! I like to make games and this website is dediceted to them. All games are created with Construct2 and some of them are even mobile friendly! Apart from that this website used to be dedicated to ideas for party games, so if you are looking for that part of it, don't worry, it's still there :) Browse around and have fun!


About party games (from the old website)

Some board games and sport games can be a bit too competitive or too unsocial for a party, but the games you have here are sure to get everyone involved, talking and, hopefully, laughing:)

Why party games?

Ever been at a party where there's nothing to do? Sure you can socialize and drink, but that can get boring after a few hours. You could also turn on the TV, but that's pretty much a death sentence for the whole social aspect of the party. Dancing is fun... but not everyone likes to dance and guests also get tired eventually... that's why you need games at your party! Games that will get people talking, laughing and having fun!

Browse and have fun!

So what are you waiting for?! Explore this little "planet", read up on fun party games and start planning your next big get-together with friends!