Love song drinking game

A little alcohol always helps people get together, so it's only natural that a Valentine party should have at least one drinking game.

This one is perfect, since it can run throughout the party. It's basic premise is simple. Put on romantic love songs and decide on a drinking word. Preferably it should be something Valentineish, like "honey", "darling", "love" or something similar. Now whenever that word is sung in the song, everyone has to have a drink.

Hopefully people will really take to it and start reminding each other to drink, and have fun listening for the special word.

Fun ideas

  • Set up a table with already prepared shots. This way everyone will come to the table to take their drink. It makes to whole thing more dynamic and also gets people mingling around the drinking table.
  • You can decide on a few different words and assign a different drink for each word. It might make things more interesting, but it might also be a little hard on the stomach.
  • Mix up a few cocktail shots. Cocktail shots are probably the best drink for drinking games. They are not too strong, but still give a buzz, they are easy to down and they also taste great!

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