Pillow fight

Pillow fights are probably the most stereotypic slumber party activity. I mean who hasn't seen a movie with a slumber party pillow fight? That's what I'm saying:)

What is a pillow fight?

Well, it should be self explanatory, but in case it's not... basically it's hitting each other with a pillow. It's fun and nobody gets hurt.


Spontaneous pillow fights are the most fun. Just grab a pillow when someone says something silly and hit him/her over the had with it. When all hell breaks loose, just swing that pillow like crazy:)


You can also plan a pillow fight. Get set up in teams and try to get the other team to surrender or until one team is "disarmed". Attack!


  • Keep it friendly. When someone says it's enough, IT'S ENOUGH.
  • Make sure you have soft pillows. Some pillows are pretty hard and it can hurt pretty bad when you get hit with it.
  • Play some energetic music
  • Try to put away any breakable objects before you start the pillow fight.

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