Pool push party game

A fun pool party game where you can push your friends in the pool... but you have to obey the rules.

Like we said, you can push your friends in the pool, but you'll have to obey the rules. What those rules are is almost entirely up to you.

Everyone participating has to stand on the edge of the pool facing twords it... except one. One person gets to walk around everyone and push them in the pool, if they break the rules you set up.

You can make up any rule or more rules on why someone can get pushed in the pool. Here are a few examples:

  • No laughing. If someone laughs, you can push him in the pool (but only while he's laughing)
  • No scratching. Someone scratches, you push him in the pool
  • No hand dropping. Everyone has to hold their hands up. When someone has his hands down, he can be pushed in the pool.
  • No turning around. You turn around (even only your head), off you go in the pool.

To make things even more fun, provoking is allowed. You can tell jokes to make people laugh. You can tickle them to get them to scratch. Whatever it takes to get someone in the pool.

When someone is pushed in the pool, he can either replace the one pushing people, or you can play until everyone is in the pool. Your choice. Have fun!

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