Secret Valentine

Love is in the air on Valentine. People are going to show affection for one-another, so why not make things interesting with a little party game.

Secret Valentine is fun because people can actually see that someone at the party is into them, but don't know who it is yet... and after they find out, well, play and you'll see:)

As your guests arrive, make sure you explain what Secret Valentine is all about...

...I guess now you want to know what it's all about?:)

It's pretty simple. As your guest start getting to know each other, some people will take interest in one-and-other. If someone likes someone, they take their name off the table. That person will then see that his/her name is missing and the search for his or her Secret Valentine will begin.

It's the Secret Valentines job to do nice things and gestures for his or her chosen subject of desire and whoever sees that his or her name is missing has to find his or her Secret Valentine.

Nice things and gestures can include stuff like:

  • Giving up a seat
  • Bringing candy
  • Giving a hug
  • Refilling a drink
  • Etc.

Hopefully people will really take to the idea and have a great time trying to find out who's interested in them and who's just being nice. If everything goes well, some of the Secret Valentines might even get to take their secret loves home at the end of the night:)

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