Simon says

Simon says is a simple childrens games. The best thing is that you don't need any preparation or props to play it.

But even dough it's a childrens game, it's suitable for all ages and with a few minor adjustments, you can color it so it fits any occasion.

Simon says for different holidays:

How to play?

It's really simple. One person is Simon and all the rest have to do what he says. Every time he says something, he has to say "Simon says..." and everyone does what he says. If he doesn't say "Simon says...", then they MUST NOT do it. Whoever does the thing he said when he doesn't say"Simon says" is eliminated.

Here's an example...

Simon says: "Simon says, touch your nose." ---> everyone touches their noses.

Simon says: "Simon says, jump." ---> everyone jumps.

Simon says: "Put your hands in the air." ---> whoever puts his or her hands in the air is eliminated.

Mass Simon says

You can play so that everyone can be Simon. Everyone gives commands and everyone obeys them. There might be a bit more confusion, but that makes the whole thing even more fun.

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