The Summoning

What would Halloween be without ghosts and demons? It would be pretty boring, that's what it would be.

You can perform your own little summoning ritual at your Halloween party. Your guests will get a kick out of it, and you can also use the opportunity to scare the pants of them.

How to go about doing a summoning?

I won't be describing any rituals here. You can google them and pick one that you like, or you could just use your imagination. It's up to you. Whatever you decide, here are a few things that you absolutely have to use:

  • Candles
    Candles are scary and they project a nice eerie glow. Perfect for a summoning ritual.
  • Darkness
    Use a dark room. Attics and basements are the best.
  • Scary music
    Play some scary music in the back. You can make your own soundtrack and add a loud scream at the end, to scare your guests.
  • Some Latin
    Make the summoning in Latin. It doesn't have to be real sentences, as long as it sounds spooky.
  • Special effects
    You can get some artificial fog mix. You can work it into the ritual, for example mix it up in the center of the circle and let the smoke fill the room.

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