Tossing party games

What the hell are tossing party games? Well, party games where you toss things around, or better yet, at a target and try to be better at it than your friends:) Here are a few fun classic examples (but don't be afraid to use your imagination and make up your own... and if you do, be sure to add it here:)):

Ring toss

The ring toss game is actually sort of a contest. You can play it at random, but you can also spice it up with a little side-bet or a few small prizes for the best tossers.

The great thing about it is that you don't really need much to play it. All you need are a few large rings and a an object that is smaller than the ring (the ring has to be able to go around it). You can buy rings that are meant just for this game, or you can make them yourself (plastic straws are good for making them).

So the whole premise of the game is that each contestant gets a few rings and tries to throw them over the object. The person that is the best at it is the winner in the end. If something is unclear to you, here are a few pictures to help you:

Horseshoe toss

This game is similar to ring toss, but you need horseshoes (which might be hard to find, if you don't live in the country) and a stick.

You fix the stick firmly into the ground and try to hit it with the horseshoe in such a fashion that it spins around the stick and lands on the ground wrapped around it. Here's a some pictures to help you imagine:

This party game is a little bit more demanding than the ring toss, because it takes a lot more skill, but it's also really, really fun:)

Bean bag toss

Who doesn't like bean bags! They are great for playing video games, reading a book or taking a nap. However, they can be used for more than just sitting in, they can be used to play this fun party game:

You'll need a bean bag and a bin/box/some other container. Set a line and see who can throw the beanmbag into the conteiner in the least amount of tries. If it seems too easy, just move the line further back or get a smaller container.

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