Water races

What would a pool party games list be without a few water races!? Even if you don't have a pool, you can still play them. Use your backyard as the course and get your water guns, water balloons  and your hose ready!

Water races all function on the same principal. You divide players into teams and then players from each team run, one-by-one, from start to some point where they complete a task and back where they tag the next player. There are a few water race games you can play:

Simple race

Each team gets an empty bucket. The object is to run to the pool, fill up the bucket and then run(with the full bucket) to a bigger bucket and fill it with water. In case you don't have a pool, use a hose.

Watergun race

Each team gets an empty water gun. The objective is to run to the pool, fill up the water gun and try to shoot as much water into a target(like a bucket or something similar). Like in the simple version, you can use a hose instead of a pool. You should also set a distance from which contestants shoot.

Water balloon race

This one is really fun. Each team gets a bunch of Water balloons and each player has to run from the start to a bucket with a water balloon between his knees. You could also make up some other crazy way to transport the water balloons, like holding them in your mouth.

Determining the winner

You can determine the winning team in a few ways:

  1. You can set a time period. The team that gets the most water to the target in that period, wins.
  2. You can set a number of laps. For example, a player from each team hast to do the run twice. The team with the most water in the target at the end wins.
  3. You can also give out limited resources. Give the teams limited amounts of water or water balloons. The game ends when all teams run out.
  4. You could also make combinations. For example, give out limited resources, but also set a time period.

Fun ideas

  • Set some obstacles that each player must overcome in order to get to the target.
  • Make it a pool water race. Players have to swim to the target.
  • Give all teams waterguns. Now they can shoot the other team while it makes it's run.
  • Combine more variations of races. Make it a watergun and balloon race.

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